Paintless Dent Removal is a very delicate and tedious fine metal process. It is the technique of removing small and large exterior dents from the vehicles body, such as door dings and hail damage. Whether it is steel or aluminum, the PDR repair technique is accomplished by the technician’s using specialized tools to gain access behind the vehicles body panels to remove the dents from the backside of the panels. This technique preserves the vehicles original factory paint and clearcoat surfaces, thus fully restoring the vehicles bluebook and resell value. This technique brings the damaged panels back to the original factory molds and or pre-storm condition without harming the vehicles history report this also means, no fillers or aftermarket paints are used in this process. Every dent is different from the location, depth and accessibility to the panel. Using trained hand eye coordination, each dent is slowly and very carefully massaged out by applying pressure to the back side of the dent. With hundreds of carefully placed tool tip movements, the metal moves back to the original factory molds, using a large combination of specialized fine metal lights and pdr tools.


On average our repairs take 2-7 days! Sometimes we need more time, depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle and how fast your assigned insurance adjuster is responding to their assigned claims at the time. Please understand that light hail damage turnaround times are much faster than heavier damaged vehicles, usually because there is less damage to the exterior of the vehicle, panels, parts, windshield etc. thus less oem parts need to be ordered from that dealership. However, we do have accounts with various dealerships, such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, infinity, Audi, BMW, Subaru, Chrysler, jeep and so on, and get factory oem parts much faster than other shops that do not have accounts. The moment you drop your vehicle off with our team, we strive to get it in line for repairs. This means pushing your insurance approvals on your behalf and making sure all damage from the hailstorm is assessed, so that we can complete all repairs and move your vehicle smoothly through our quality control process. We strive to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible, but always with consistent quality that’s guaranteed.


Filing a claim due to hail damage will NOT make your rates go up. Auto hail claims are comprehensive claims, and this claim is considered to be an act of nature and a No-Fault Claim. It wasn’t your fault that hail hit your vehicle so this claim cannot be counted against you. Please note, If multiple hailstorms have occurred in the area in the past few years AND an abundance of claims are being reported from yet another storm, some insurance companies may decide they need to increase premiums for a time on ALL insured carriers in that area to recoup loseses. If your vehicle has damage from a hailstorm and you do not choose to file a claim because you are concerned about your rates increasing, it could put you at a loss. Understand, if rates are increased, the WHOLE AREA would receive increased rates on ALL carriers and polices, whether you put in a claim or not. It is unlawful for insurance companies to raise one’s rates for filing a hail claim which falls under comprehensive coverage.



No Worries!

Having no vehicle to get around in, on a NO- Fault claim is frustrating enough!


We understand people need transportation while their vehicles are in for repairs, so If your insurance company does not cover the cost of a rental car for your hail claim, We’ve got you covered on the cost of the rental during repairs, for all qualifying hail claims! This is part of our no money out of pocket hail repair promo!




These suggested body shops require YOU to pay your part of the repairs in full (Your deductible).


On the other hand, The Dent Technicians offers to cover our customers deductibles up to $500 and higher on qualifying hail claims, so this No-fault hail claim is NO cost out of your pocket.


Please note, if you are thinking about using a suggested body shop for repairs, understand, body shops do not specialize in hail damage repair and do not have master PDR technicians on staff, so these shops need to subcontract the PDR repair work to an outside technician in the back of their shop as they need them. These route techs likely do not have the experience of a master technician so you usually get what’s called “push to paint” these amateur techs fix what they can, and the rest gets sent through the body shop.


These Body shops specialize in collision work and are contracted shops, most tend to cut an array of corners, meaning, aftermarket parts, paints etc. are used to save body shops money and in return this passes the savings on to the insurance companies. Unfortunately, their go-to method for repairs could keep your vehicle in their shop for longer repair times, which could mean waiting a month plus to get your vehicle back. This has a lot to do with keeping their collision repairs a priority and taking on hail damaged vehicles as they can.
Body shop repair methods could end up on your vehicle’s history report, which could depreciate the vehicles book value.


This is why, so many people insist on the PDR repair method and just one of the reasons why it’s so widely used throughout the country.


Our PDR repair process is without question the best overall repair option available to fully restore vehicles from hail damage and all with much faster turnaround times. Our repair methods are why so many people choose our services for repair.